Action Α.1: Stakeholders Consultation

Action A2: Setting the Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Strategy for the remote municipalities of Naxos and Ancient Olympia

Action B1: Design of a prototype, innovative system for source separation and treatment of MSW

Action B.2: Engineering, construction and installation of the innovative system for the source separation and treatment of municipal solid waste

Action B.3: Operation, optimization and demonstration of the innovative systems in selected areas of the participating municipalities

Action B.4: Evaluation of the results of implementation - Assessment of end-products marketability - Life Cycle Assessment of the prototype systems

Action B.5: Suggestions for full-scale implementation of the project - Replicability of the project in other European countries

Action C.1: Key performance indicators / Monitoring Protocol

Action C.2: Assessing the current state of target areas

Action C.3: Monitoring the environmental impact of the project

Action C.4: Monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the project

Action D.1: Development and updating of the project website

Action D.2: LIFE+  Information boards

Action D.3: Development of the Communication Plan and Tools

Action D.4: Organization of information activities

Action D.5: Organization of training activities - Capacity Building

Action D.6: Report for policy-makers

Action D.7: Layman’s Report

Action E.1: Project management by  NAXOS and reporting to the EC

Action E.2: Indicators - Monitoring and Evaluation

Action E.3: After-LIFE Communication Plan