Action Α.1: Stakeholders Consultation

Action A2: Setting the Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Strategy for the remote municipalities of Naxos and Ancient Olympia

Action B1: Design of a prototype, innovative system for source separation and treatment of MSW

Action B.2 Engineering, construction and installation of the innovative system for the source separation and treatment of municipal solid waste

Action C.1: Key performance indicators / Monitoring Protocol

Action C.2: Assessing the current state of target areas

Action D.1: Development and updating of the project website

Action D.2: LIFE+  Information boards

Action D.3: Development of the Communication Plan and Tools

Action D.4: Organization of information activities

Action D.5: Organization of training activities - Capacity Building

Action E.1: Project management by  NAXOS and reporting to the EC

Action E.2: Indicators - Monitoring and Evaluation